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Why bet with the Orbit Exchange App

Mobile applications make the betting experience quick, easy, and very enjoyable. Usually these apps have features such as live streaming and real time push notifications that help players bet on the go. Therefore, it’s no wonder why the majority of the online bettors prefer apps over traditional methods.

In this article we will explore the orbit exchange app, its benefits and why it should be combined with the brokerage service of Brokerstorm.

Before we dive into the orbit exchange app details, it is important to understand betting exchanges.

Understanding Betting Exchanges

Betting Exchanges are betting platforms where the players are allowed to bet against one another. There is not traditional bookmaking there. The players bet against one another by forming matched back and lay bets. A player can back an outcome and wait for another player to lay it, or they can lay an outcome and wait for another bettor to back it agreeing at the proposed odds.

The betting exchanges charge a commission to all winning bets and this is how they make their profit.

By this it becomes very clear that betting exchanges is a real revolution when it comes to online sports betting as they offer the potential for better odds, as well as more room for professional players and high rollers.



What are the benefits of the orbit exchange app?

Better Odds
As we mentioned earlier, a real revolution betting exchanges provide is the chances for better odds. Why is that? Since the players do not bet against a bookmaker, but they bet against other bettors, they can often find odds that are more in their favor. The orbit exchange app offers consistently competitive odds.

 Variety in Sports Coverage

The orbit exchange app offers something for every player’s taste, as it covers a wide range of sports leagues, with thousands of events and markets that allows players to explore all their betting options.

Real-Time Updates

The orbit exchange app offers real-time information, with instant updates on odds, scores or event changes, as well as detailed statistics to in-play options that help the players be always a step ahead.

User-Friendly Interface

The orbit exchange app offers a design centered on the user, with user friendly interface, easy navigation and organized layout that make the betting experience enjoyable for every type of bettor.


With the orbit exchange app all players will not miss out on any opportunity, as they can always enjoy the fast load times and the real time updates.

Convenience and Ease

The orbit exchange app makes sure the bettors are always just some taps away from their next bet accessing all sorts of sports markets from the comfort of their home or while on the move.

Access Orbit Exchange with Brokerstorm



Direct access to the Orbit Exchange betting platform and the app as well is available only via a betting agent. Combining the benefits of the orbit exchange app with the brokerage services of Brokerstorm has certain perks that give it an edge:

Low Commission Rate

Brokerstorm makes sure to take only a small percentage of the players’ winnings and offers with the orbit exchange app the competitive commission rate of 3% on all winning bets.

Advanced Security

Brokerstorm prioritizes online security and by applying advanced encryption technology as well as reliable payment methods, it makes sure that all players’ data and funds are fully protected.

Flexibility in Payments

Combining using the orbit exchange app while keeping the account with Brokerstorm enhances the players’ overall experience as they can enjoy multiple deposit and withdrawal options together with fast transaction processing times.

Top customer support service

Brokerstorm offers a 16/7 dedicated customer support, always ready to assist every player with any issues or queries, via live chat, email and Skype, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth betting experience.

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Mobile betting has forever shaped the online sports betting industry and in this landscape the orbit exchange app shines through. The best app for one player might not be the best for another, though, as regional factors, personal habits, aesthetic preferences might influence deeply one’s decision. Brokerstorm covers every taste giving access to multiple top betting exchanges while providing high level brokerage services for a seamless betting experience.