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Orbitx Betfair: The ultimate Betfair Alternative

The online betting world is rapidly evolving with the betting platforms racing to offer the best odds, features and user experience in order to get the largest part of the global gambling pie. Betfair, the pioneer of the peer-to-peer betting model, where the players bet against one another rather than a bookmaker, is the leader in the betting exchange world. Due to various jurisdictional reasons, not all players around the globe can have access to Betfair. For this reason, other platforms have emerged to serve as Betfair Alternatives, offering similar betting experience.

In this article, we will explore the orbitx betfair solution, as the ultimate betfair alternative choice for all avid punters when combined with Orbitx- broker.

The orbitx betfair – orbitx broker solution

As we mentioned above, not all players can have the Betfair experience, mostly due to geographical restrictions. With the Orbit Exchange betting platform powered by Betfair, all players residing in countries where Betfair is not operating or those who would like to have an alternative yet similar experience to Betfair, can have access to a wide range of sports and events with top-notch odds.

The access is not straightforward and it needs to be done via a betting broker otherwise known as betting agent. As the brokers handle the players’ accounts, their deposit and withdrawal requests, they set the terms and conditions and they are the contact factor, it is of paramount importance that the players find a reputable and trustworthy broker of equal quality service.

The Orbit Exchange betting platform combined with the Orbitx-broker is suitable for every type of player, whether traditional, or modern demanding better odds and high-end technology features, recreational or seasonal. The orbitx betfair solution offered by the Orbitx-broker rises to every challenge catering to every player’s needs and here is why:

License and Regulation

Orbit Exchange powered by Betfair is a reputable licensing body that offers its clients the highest levels of assurance regarding its integrity and security by operating under the Curacao Gambling License. Orbitx-broker, also holding a Curacao license, treats every punter fairly and is compliant with all online betting regulations.

Commission and Fees

It is vital for every bettor to understand the cost structure of a betting platform in order to determine how profitable their betting activities could be. All betting exchanges make their profit by charging a commission fee to all winning bets. The rate of this fee it is determined by the broker via which the player will have access to the betting platform. Orbitx-broker, ensuring no hidden fees whatsoever, charges 3% commission fee on all winning bets, one of the lowest in the industry.

Markets Range

A solid question for every player hesitating to try out alternative to betfair choices would be about the variety of markets. Well, all players would be pleased to know that, as Orbit Exchange is powered by Betfair, it means that it is supported by it and they share the same markets. Orbit Exchange covers a wide array of sports and events, as well as esports, casino and a live casino. In-play betting is also available together with other top notch features such as cash out option.

Competitive Odds

The greatest perk betting exchanges have to offer each bettor is the chances of finding better odds, thus, finding better value for their bets, maximizing their potential profits. Orbit Exchange, sharing the Betfair odds, stands out in the market offering competitive odds.

High Liquidity

A factor that impacts how fast the bets are matched in a betting exchange is liquidity. The higher the liquidity the quicker the bets are matched. As a betfair alternative, Orbit Exchange is compliant with the Betfair standards and it ensures critical mass liquidity even for less popular sports and events.

User-Friendly Platform

The Orbit Exchange platform is quite similar to the Betfair interface. It is a very simple to comprehend, easy to use and navigate platform, suitable for a smooth mobile experience as well, with special features such as in-play betting and statistics, cash out option etc.

Payment Methods

Orbitx-broker offers a variety of flexible payment options from swift & sepa bank transfers, to e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. By depositing, the players can instantly top up their account balance and their withdrawal requests are executed within maximum 24 hours.

Maximum Security

With encryption methods and other security protocols, Orbitx-broker ensures that all personal information and funds are fully protected.

Customer Support Service

Orbitx-broker offers a reliable 16/7 customer support system. The players can contact Orbitx-broker on a daily basis via live chat, email and Skype and they will always find a dedicated and experienced agent to assist them.

Promotions & Bonuses

Orbitx-broker awards both newcomers as well as long-term regular players with welcome bonuses and vip promotions.

Educational Material

Orbitx-broker offers information and guidance to help newcomers understand how to use the Orbit Exchange betting platform.

Reputation and User Reviews

Orbit Exchange is consistently voted since its introduction in 2017 as the best Betfair alternative betting exchange in the industry with a number of players ever growing. Combined with the reliability and top notch brokerage services of Orbitx-broker the overall outstanding betting experience is guaranteed.

Join the orbitx betfair revolution with Orbitx-broker

Become a part of the orbitx betfair experience following the easy steps below:

Register to orbitx-broker: Click the “Open Account” button and fill in the required fields

Complete the process: Upon registration, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to proceed. It is crucial that every player follow all the requirements, as they are placed for their protection and security.

Fund your account: Once registered and verified, make your first deposit to fund your account using the available payment options. As soon as the funds are credited to your account, you will receive an email with your login details and you are all set to start betting!

Open Account

Orbit Exchange is a powered by Betfair betting exchange that offers identical markets, odds and liquidity. It provides a dynamic environment for all players to find value and, together with orbitx-broker, the orbitx betfair solution covers every key area for a smooth and seamless betting experience.