How to Open your Orbit Exchange Account

Open your exchange orbit account

In order to have an account with Orbit Exchange and be able to place your bets, you need a broker. You cannot access exchange orbit directly. 

Let’s help you open your account!

Open your exchange orbit account
Step by step guide


1. Click the OPEN ACCOUNT button on the upper right side of our website.
2. Fill in the information and decide with which cryptocurrency you want to make your deposit and type it in the Deposit Method field. You can choose whichever you prefer, for we accept ALL cryptos.
3. Click the OPEN ACCOUNT button.
4. Wait for our team to send you an email. We will ask you to indicate the amount of crypto you wish to deposit in order to give you the adequate address.
If you do not receive an email within the next few hours, check your spam. If you have not received any answer from us, please send us an email or visit our live chat and we will immediately help you through the process.
5. Usually at this point the KYC policy takes place, where the betting companies or the agents would ask for the necessary account verification documents. As all transactions via Orbit Brokers are decentralized and executed with cryptocurrencies, we do not apply KYC policy and you are not required to send us any verification documents!


6. Now it’s time to fund your account!

It is necessary to be able to make crypto transactions in order to be able to make deposits and receive your funds. You can do it either via a crypto wallet or via Skrill and Neteller.

7. Decide the amount of crypto you wish to deposit to your account and find the EURO equivalent in the cryptocurrency you chose. For example, if you wish to deposit 20EUR in Bitcoin, you will deposit 0.00049BTC. Due to crypto volatility, you need to check the EUR-BTC equivalency right before your deposit. With Skrill and Neteller deposits this is not necessary, as you can make crypto deposits using fiat currency.

Make your first deposit in order to activate your account

8. When you decide how much euros you want to deposit in which crypto, send us an email or visit our live chat, in order to give you the adequate crypto address to send your funds.
9. Send your funds with your preferred payment method to the address we gave you.

Wait for us to credit your funds to your Orbitx account

10. Once we receive your deposit, we will credit your funds in EUR to your Orbitx account and then your account will be activated.
11. We will send you immediately an email with the url of the Orbit Exchange platform, your username and password.

Login and change your password

12. Go to the url provided.
13. Login and change your password.
14. You are good to go and ready to place your bets!

Congratulations your exchange orbit registration process is completed.
Welcome to Orbitx Broker!!